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Mutant Titans vs. Earth Invaders

A team of Mutant Titans has come together in an unfair battle against the alien invaders. After the apocalypse, and the near destruction of Earth by robots from other planets, the remaining scientists have come together with the sole purpose of creating a force that is able to stand against enemies from the space!

The concept of drawing collections selected in the style of pixel art is not accidental, the reference artists and developers of the project in this style makes a reference to computer games of the time when only Ray Bradbury dreamed timidly about the artificial intelligence.

The project, includes a series of 6 NFT collections connected by one storyline in such a way as to be as beneficial as possible to early NFT holders. Two collections will be distributed by drops to NFT holders, so that it was profitable for all holders of all collections, regardless of the number of NFT on the purse. And so also for maximum distribution between all holders of the collection (the principles can be discussed in discord and by open voting between holders, the strength of the vote will depend on the number of NFT on the purse at the time of voting). Each collection includes 2220 NFTs, exception is the scientists' collection - 400pcs, will be distributed among the wallets with the maximum number of NFTs of the early collections. The total number of NFTs is 11500pcs. The release date and the order in this project of the NFT collections:

- Mutant Titans King Q3 2023

- Atomic Beast (drop) Q4 2023

- Guardians of the Universe Q2 2024

- MT Lab scientists (drop) Q3 2024

- Divine Moth Q4 2024

- Winged Fury Q1 2025

The release sequence of the collections is in accordance with the project roadmap.

Feature of the first collection

In the process of minting NFT main heroes of the first collection we can get one of the rarest (in the collection of 1 percent), which will give a chance for priority in the distribution of drops. Also the main attribute-weapon of our hero will make him stand out among the equals.

Running the first collection

- Mint minting details:

Total: 2220

WL: 220

Since the collection is the first in a series of 6, WLs will be lottery in discord. The price of the first collection will be minimal, as the project is making long term plans and is not developing the concept of selling NFTs, but rather the concept of equal profit sharing and building a community of NFT holders. In the future, a DAO will be created with the possibility of proposing and voting in order to manage the project by all holders.



10% of the NFT offer will be minted to the team. Part will be distributed by drop to TOP wallets, the rest as a raffle and to increase interest in the project. .

Distribution of revenue from the mint


30% of income will be used to fund the ongoing project and refine the 2nd collection (2nd collection will be dumped on the first collection holders)

60% will be put into NFT holders fund (100% of the fund will go to rewarding NFT holders, including drops, raffles, merch)

10% to the project team.


Royalty will be set at 5%

Our Team Members

The idea was born in London and rapidly became a borderless vision - A team of MT Lab with a background in computer graphics, crypto, technology, and art.

  • Tom Mccarthy

    Main manager

  • Owen Bradley


  • Daniel Bradley

    Creative manager

  • Avery Briggs